Pastoral theology

Pastoral theology classes in Birmingham

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Course description

This course is designed to acquaint students with the practical application of Christian doctrine to a wide variety of issues. The course addresses such issues as fighting personal sin, prayer and fasting, suffering, worship, God’s sovereignty, the inspiration of scripture, and motivation for life and ministry. Students will be urged not only to consider the biblical truth for these issues, but how to apply them to everyday life.

The primary concerns of pastoral theology are the three major areas of local church ministry: leadership, pastoral care, and public ministry. However, their study is far more widely relevant, containing ‘transferable skills’ useful not only to other spheres of Christian service, but also to any career in which it is useful to develop competent leadership, an understanding of how effectively to care for people, or to learn public speaking skills.

Course objectives

Pastoral Theology aims to encourage a passion for the awesome power of God in all things for the opening of the eyes of all peoples. We believe that honest, humble, rigorous interpretation of Biblical texts, as well as God-centred discussion of theological and practical ministerial issues will kindle this passion and equip students to spread it wholeheartedly to others.

Pastoral care

It has been wisely said that the mark of true leadership is that someone is following you! In other words, there is a quality of leadership that is hard to define, but observable when it is real. All the same, there are skills to learn which make us more effective as leaders.

Leadership also involves a learning process – known usually as ‘formation’ – a process of being shaped as a godly and wise leader, ultimately under God but in our period of training under the guidance of experienced teachers.

The starting point for Christian leadership is to develop a biblical theology of the subject. That requires exploring the various models for leadership in the Bible as well as different theories put forward to explain what we can dig out. It may be a prophet, or simply Jesus himself!

The second area of study in the area of leadership relates to religion as a natural phenomenon, something which has been done widely in secular academic and popular teaching. This is a valid study for Christians because it concerns what is ‘noble and true’ about human nature. It is also a vital study because leaders in the church need both natural and spiritual gifts just as would be the case for a music leader in the church.

Course objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Improve professional practice through investigating current leadership and management issues
  • Develop skills of investigation, thereby improving analytical abilities in relation to leadership and management issues that will help improve future practice
  • Express yourself more clearly and develop the reading, analysis and interpretation skills
  • Demonstrate and articulate a broad understanding of the scope and disciplines of theology