New Testament Greek

Elementary New Testament Greek classes in Birmingham

Are you looking for New Testament Greek classes? Contact Lords Christian Bible College in Birmingham. We provide elementary New Testament Greek classes in our college.

Course description

To learn Greek well requires disciplined and diligent life, and in the long run, this kind of life will mould a character that can be used by God. Learning Greek will enlarge your capacity to receive light. Light comes from God's Word as we see the facts revealed in it. The ability to read the Greek New Testament will definitely increase your capacity to see the facts, collect the facts, and compare the facts; this threefold exercise will bring in God's light and revelation.

The value of learning Greek is that it enriches your ability to define and utter your experience. The Greek text is a gold mine and the riches contained therein are inexhaustible. As you experience Christ in your daily life you will be able to more precisely define and utter that experience with the Word itself. The more you experience, the more you will be able to dig out the riches from the Word; and the more you dig out the riches, the more you will enlarge your experience of Christ.

Consequently, you will become a rich supply to the Church because you not only experience Christ, but you can define and utter that experience with confidence by using the Word.


The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the basics of New Testament Greek, the language in which the books of the New Testament were written. By being able to access the text in the original, students will gain a better appreciation of the complexities and the various layers of meaning that are present, and of the challenges of transmitting them to a contemporary audience. The discipline required to master this ancient tongue is very rewarding and, one might argue, character forming.

Course objectives

  • Build a basic New Testament Greek vocabulary, through in-class review, to begin reading the Greek New Testament with
  • Help through regular in-class reading opportunities
  • Establish lifelong habits of reading and studying the Greek New Testament, through the discipline of course work and the instructor's encouragement
  • Understand some values of knowing Greek, through regular in-class demonstration
  • Review and deepen knowledge of English grammar, through comparisons and contrasts with Greek