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Welcome to Lords Christian Bible College. If you are a professional looking for the best personal development opportunities available or in search of support for your vocation’s strategic goals, we can help. If you are a parent, a pastor or a leader who needs to know more, we have something to offer to you too.

The word of God does not change, but the shape of Church ministries is changing rapidly. And our courses have been adapted to address that change. For example, we offer child protection training opportunities for those who work with young people. We are offering new courses to help meet the urgent need for this generation and beyond.

The ways that students learn are changing too. The use of the Internet at school and at college and the home grows relentlessly. Online resources are transforming the way we work.

Some of our courses provide opportunities to learn and collaborate online with other professionals.

As time changes, so priorities for professional development move on as well. We ensure that the courses we offer can keep you in your field, tackling the most important challenges of the day. That is why leadership training plays a prominent role in Church Ministries. Keeping at the forefront means developing courses in partnership with professionals.

We hope you find the resources and opportunities that you are looking for in what we have to offer.

Quality Assurance

Quality underpins every aspect of the college, from the course materials you receive to the tuition, advice, guidance and support you will be given. Our academic staff is recognized for the quality of their teaching and research, and our learning materials are produced in collaboration with experts from other educational institutions.

How does Lords Christian Bible College work?

With the exception of full time students, the method of study is designed for flexibility, enabling you to study whenever you wish and at times convenient to you. You do not need to take time out during the normal working week to attend classes and lectures, as Saturdays are designated for those who choose to study part-time so you can plan your studies to fit in with your lifestyle.

You will have the support of a personal tutor, group tutorials, regular assessments and feedback together with good quality learning materials produced specially for the course. These include course books, academic texts, activities, case studies and electronic media.

How much time do I need to set aside for studying?

Our courses are valued according to an agreed system of credit points, where one credit point equals five hours of study.

Most of our courses are worth 30 points (144 hours). Studying a 30-point course over eighteen weeks will take about eight hours of study a week.

Develop your understanding, teaching and leadership skills and enhance your effectiveness in the pulpit.

Enable you to draw directly on your professional experience, using case studies and practical fieldwork experience your committee will start to see the effects of your studies immediately, as you put into practice what you learn.

We hope that this prospectus gives you the information you require to decide on a course or study pathway. But if you need more details, Lords Christian Bible College is here to help.

Lords Christian Bible College offers a wide range of courses, leading to nationally recognised qualifications.

Certificate in Ministerial Training

To develop leadership skills.

Intertestamental studies

To explore the so called 400 "silent years" before Christ.

Certificate in Lay Ministers training

To acquire key knowledge and skills.


To explore the nature and characteristics of effective preaching.

Certificate of Proficiency in Religious Knowledge (CRK)

See syllabus.

Elementary New Testament Greek

To introduce students to the fundamentals of the language of the New Testament.

Pastoral Theology

To prepare students for the task of evangelisation.

Introduction to the New Testament (NT)

To explore the nature and history of the Christian canon.

Christian Doctrine

To understand the basic principles of Christian Doctrine.

Christian Doctrine

To understand the basic principles of Christian Doctrine.

Introduction to the Old Testament (OT)

To explore the nature and history of the Jewish scriptures.

Church history to AD 461

To explore the main issues in ecclesiastical history during this period

Introduction to Humanities

To introduce the broad field that deals with human experience.

Church history 1050 to1500 AD

To explore the main issues in Church history during this period.

Biblical interpretation

To present a comprehensive methodology for interpreting the Bible.

Introducing religion

To assess religious contribution in everyday life.

Diploma in Theology

See syllabus.

Social Psychology

To observe behaviour and describe it.

Bachelor of Divinity (BD)

To promote growth in Christian maturity and ministry.

Christian ethics

To examine the principles in the person of Christ.

When to apply

Applications are dealt with as they are received. Please look at the course descriptions within this prospectus.

How to pay

There is no course fee to pay. A donation is all you need to give!

Give your donation when you register

You can give by card or cash when you register for a course.
Register now, and give later when your course begins or, give by instalments.

Courses are firmly rooted in practice. Our courses are ideal for developing pastors and lay ministers. Whether you want to study for a qualification or study a single course to update your knowledge and skills in a specific area. Whatever your motivations, studying at Lords Christian Bible College will give your ministry a welcome boost.